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 download the tarball.  unzip and untar it.  Then type *./configure*.  Then, as root, *make* followed by *make install*.  Voilà ... a subversion client.
-A Debian package is available from backports_.  Add the following line to ``/etc/apt/sources.list``::
+A Debian package is available from backports_.  If you are using a *stable* Debian, first add the following line to ``/etc/apt/sources.list``::
   deb http://fs.cs.fhm.edu/mirror/backports.org/debian stable subversion
-then install the package::
+You can then install the package (same command for *testing* and *unstable*)::
-  $ apt-get install subversion tools
+  $ apt-get install subversion-tools
 Note that you can always go look at the files online_ with your browser, located at: http://codespeak.net/svn/pypy/trunk
 But, you'll want to check out your own local copies to work on.

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