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Author: lac
Date: Mon Sep 15 09:23:15 2003
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A real short one.  Just a question for Stockholm

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+B.4.1 	Sub-contracting: 
+If any part of the work is foreseen to be sub-contracted by the
+participant responsible for it, describe the work involved and explain
+why a sub-contract approach has been chosen for it.
+(Recommended length ­ one page)
+I am going to run my accounting figures though the AB Strakt 
+bookkeeper, as part of my management duties.  She is a contractor
+who consults regularly to AB Strakt.  Aside from that I don't
+see that we will have any need for sub-contracting. Possibly to get
+final stamps of approval on the books from KPMG our accounting
+firm.  This is the sort of thing that AB Strakt does all the time. 
+ASK_STOCKHOLM Do I have to discuss this?

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