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 with type-feedback techniques such as those developed for Self [HCU91]_ [HU94]_.
 Language Extensions
 The family of languages based around logic and constraint programming has
 proved very useful for knowledge representation and optimisation
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   kept orthogonal from the rest of the source.
-Interpreter modularity
+Interpreter Modularity
 Object Spaces, in contrast to monadic interpreters, will allow
@@ -309,9 +309,19 @@
 Within PyPy, we will be the first to provide usable constraint programming
 techniques within a popular VHLL. We will take advatntage of the
 light-weight multithreading that we will introduce to Python to handle the
-constratint processing efficiently and we will examine the use of object
+constraint processing efficiently and we will examine the use of object
 spaces to develop implementations of Python that are specialised for search
+tasks.  Doing this in a modular way through the use of object spaces,
+represents a novel feature of the project.
+The DFKI has a variety of expertise with the semantic web and plays an
+active role in several W3C working groups. The work of PyPy will dovetail
+with the work being carried out within the DIRECT-INFO EU project, where
+the DFKI is supporting a media analysis application by integrating semantic
+web constructs into the Python-based Zope application server. It is
+expected that efficient search integrated into the application server
+framework will lead to many novel applications.

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