[pypy-svn] r7904 - pypy/trunk/doc/funding/negotiations

hpk at codespeak.net hpk at codespeak.net
Fri Dec 17 19:07:12 CET 2004

Author: hpk
Date: Fri Dec 17 19:07:00 2004
New Revision: 7904

modified the Annex I which we are to send to
the EU along with the Accession forms.

Please, review the document in general but especially 
with respect to the changes i describe below:


- Front page doesn't mention Southhampton anymore

- i adapted B.4.2 (Contract Amendments) and following to 
  reflect the new situation, properly following up on our 
  previous version.

- B.5.7 Consortium Agreement now describes our result 
  of negotiations. (could be extended but i just wanted
  to advance the previous decription which talked more 
  about things in the future tense). 

Modified: pypy/trunk/doc/funding/negotiations/part_b_2004_12_11.sxw
Binary files. No diff available.

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