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Date: Sat Jul 24 17:05:10 2004
New Revision: 5641

removed PBF as partner references.

Up to table in B4.
Going to change that in the next commit.

Editing it sucks, after much pain, I wrote a quick hack that generates it, we already had logic to capture the
data in man-months.py btw.

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 ---------------- --------------------------------------------- -----------------------
 2                 University of Southampton                    USH
 ---------------- --------------------------------------------- -----------------------
-4                 Python Business Forum                        PBF
----------------- --------------------------------------------- -----------------------
 5                 AB Strakt                                    Strakt
 ---------------- --------------------------------------------- -----------------------
 6                 Logilab                                      Logilab

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@@ -149,7 +149,8 @@
 Participation of SME's in High-Level Research
-The consortium includes the Python Business Forum, an international trade 
+The consortium will closely interact with the Python Business Forum 
+(of which some members are part), an international trade 
 association of SMEs who develop using the Python programming language, and
 other SME partners. 
 Since SMEs are the main engines for innovation, growth, and competitiveness 

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@@ -351,47 +351,12 @@
 books into German, is the author of the Stackless Python extension to
 be merged into PyPy, and is one of the founders of the PyPy project.
-Python Business Forum
-  Role:    Dissemination
-  Country: Europe
-  Contact: Holger Krekel
-The PBF (http://python-in-business.org) is an industry organisation
-of companies where Python is a central part of the business
-model. The PBF is registered as a non-profit organisation under
-Swedish law. It has approximately 50 SME members. The Forum has a
-board, which focuses on administration and strategic issues, while the
-main activities occur in Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Each SIG
-controls its own activities but reports to the board in financial
-Activities of the PBF include sharing business leads, marketing Python
-as a programming platform and assisting in the quality assurance for
-the main implementation of the language.
-The PBF will form a PyPy SIG with **Holger Krekel** as chairman to
-handle its involvement in the project.  Membership in EU funded activities
-will be restricted to Members of the EU and the Candidate countries, as
-part of the charter of this SIG.
 Some pure accounting and auditing tasks will be subcontracted. No core
 technical functions or project management will be handed to non-partners.
-Other Countries
-While this project is of international interest, and while the PBF is
-an international Trade organisation, Membership in the PyPy PBF SIG,
-where EU funded activity will take place, is restricted to members of
-the European Union and the Candidate countries.
 Quality of Partnership, Involvement of Users and SMEs 
@@ -460,30 +425,6 @@
 With 7 full time employees, Logilab is an SME representative.
-**Python Business Forum**
-brings a number of SME parties to the project who are eager to apply PyPy
-to their various products. They are user Stakeholders, and the primary
-intended audience of some of our reports. Many of them, on their own,
-have expressed a desire to encorporate PyPy into their products as soon
-as it is finished and stable. We will report on their progress to the
-Commission as well, even though they are not to be funded by the
-Commission, as an extra point of reference.
-The PBF also provides important outreach to the members of Eastern
-Europe, and Candidate Countries. Since its founding, it has had
-a board member responsible for precisely that: 
--  I've been a PBF board member from its founding. I am responsible for
-   the Eastern Europe liaisons. I am an intermediary of sorts between
-   the PBF and the businesses located in the candidate countries of
-   Eastern Europe. The PBF is an important link between businesses in
-   the EU and the candidate countries.
-   Jacek Artymiak
-Extra care will be taken to see that our results will be properly
-disseminated to our PBF members in the Candidate Countries.
 **Holger Krekel**
 will have a focus on development, packaging and
 dissemination tools. He will also be a main contributor in matters of
@@ -556,8 +497,8 @@
 The second is Finance. We don't need to mobilise outside financial
 contributions, though we have some excellent connections. AB Strakt,
 Krekel, Martelli and Tismer have already arranged for bank
-guarantees, should they be required by the Commission. The PBF and AB
-Strakt both use KPMG as their standard auditor, and a KPMG recommended
+guarantees, should they be required by the Commission. AB
+Strakt uses KPMG as its standard auditor, and a KPMG recommended
 bookkeeper who is familiar with EU project funding for their daily
 business practices. Everybody else has already been involved in
 successful EU projects, and will simply continue their usual

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@@ -469,8 +469,8 @@
 adoption of the novel technologies being developed.  We expect all developers
 and participants to openly report to and discuss with their appropriate
 communities.  Reports and summaries will be posted to the relevant mailing
-lists as well as archived on both the PyPy and the Python Business Forum
-website for universal availability.  WP14_ is to support this process at all
+lists as well as archived on both the PyPy (and the Python Business Forum
+website) for universal availability.  WP14_ is to support this process at all
 Moreover, WP14_ will produce a joint report about agile methodologies 

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