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Sun Mar 28 18:37:24 CEST 2004

Author: hpk
Date: Sun Mar 28 18:37:24 2004
New Revision: 3460

small improvement to the english phrasing (at least
as much as i know about it :-) 

Modified: pypy/trunk/doc/funding/negotiations/email-eu-1.txt
--- pypy/trunk/doc/funding/negotiations/email-eu-1.txt	(original)
+++ pypy/trunk/doc/funding/negotiations/email-eu-1.txt	Sun Mar 28 18:37:24 2004
@@ -20,9 +20,9 @@
 But the second responsibility and role should stay with the PBF:
 connecting and disseminating to open source and business communities.
-Also Implementing an industrial strength beyond-state-of the-art language 
-platform means we have to collaborate with as many experts as possible to
-reduce the risk of failing. 
+Please note that implementing an industrial strength beyond-state-of
+the-art language platform means we have to collaborate with as many
+experts as possible to reduce the risk of failing. 
 As a result, all partners agree to the following consortium shape: 

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