[pypy-svn] r4685 - in pypy/trunk/doc: . devel funding funding/negotiations irclog objspace sprintinfo translation

hpk at codespeak.net hpk at codespeak.net
Thu May 27 15:37:43 CEST 2004

Author: hpk
Date: Thu May 27 15:37:42 2004
New Revision: 4685

   pypy/trunk/doc/   (props changed)
   pypy/trunk/doc/devel/   (props changed)
   pypy/trunk/doc/funding/   (props changed)
   pypy/trunk/doc/funding/negotiations/   (props changed)
   pypy/trunk/doc/irclog/   (props changed)
   pypy/trunk/doc/objspace/   (props changed)
   pypy/trunk/doc/sprintinfo/   (props changed)
   pypy/trunk/doc/translation/   (props changed)
set .svninfo and .html files to 'ignore' in all doc directories 

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