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don't just start with wrapping rules

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-This document is an overview of the implementation of PyPy's `Object Spaces`_.
 .. _`Object Spaces`: architecture.html#the-object-space
+This document describes aspects of the implementation of PyPy's `Object Spaces`_.
 Wrapping rules
 PyPy is made of Python source code at two levels: there is on the one hand *application-level code* that looks like normal Python code, and that implements some functionalities as one would expect from Python code (e.g. one can give a pure Python implementation of some built-in functions like ``zip()``).  There is also *interpreter-level code* for the functionalities that must more directly manipulate interpreter data and objects (e.g. the main loop of the interpreter, and the various object spaces).
 Application-level code doesn't see object spaces explicitely: it runs using an object space to support the objects it manipulates, but this is implicit.  There is no need for particular conventions for application-level code.  The sequel is only about interpreter-level code.  (Ideally, no application-level variable should be called ``space`` or ``w_xxx`` to avoid confusion.)

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