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Thu Aug 4 09:22:55 CEST 2005

Author: hpk
Date: Thu Aug  4 09:22:54 2005
New Revision: 15584

finalizing the hildesheim2 sprint item, 
added some more pictures from sunday. 

Modified: pypy/dist/pypy/documentation/website/news.txt
--- pypy/dist/pypy/documentation/website/news.txt	(original)
+++ pypy/dist/pypy/documentation/website/news.txt	Thu Aug  4 09:22:54 2005
@@ -24,27 +24,25 @@
 .. _`Heidelberg sprint announcement`: http://codespeak.net/pypy/index.cgi?extradoc/sprintinfo/Heidelberg-sprint.html
-PyPy Hildesheim2 sprint ongoing ...
+PyPy Hildesheim2 finished: first self-contained PyPy run! 
-Up until 31st August we are in a PyPy sprint at `Trillke-Gut`_. 
+Up until 31st August we were in a PyPy sprint at `Trillke-Gut`_. 
 Carl has written a `report about day 1`_, Holger 
-about `day 2 and day 3`_ and Carl again about `day 4 and day 5`_. 
-We also have some `pictures from the sprint`_. 
-There has been some great progress already in that we now succeed 
-to fully annotate the PyPy code base and have a mode where
-we don't borrow object implementations from CPython anymore
-(which of course means that we have some modules missing). 
-On `day 6`_ we finally had a `breakthrough`_: PyPy runs 
-on its own! Hurray_!. 
+about `day 2 and day 3`_ and Carl again about `day 4 and day 5`_, 
+On `day 6`_ Holger reports the `breakthrough`_: PyPy runs 
+on its own! Hurray_!.  And Carl finally reports about the winding
+down of `day 7`_ which saw us relaxing, discussing and generally 
+having a good time.   You might want to look at the selected 
+`pictures from the sprint`_. 
 .. _`report about day 1`: http://codespeak.net/pipermail/pypy-dev/2005q3/002217.html 
 .. _`day 2 and day 3`: http://codespeak.net/pipermail/pypy-dev/2005q3/002220.html
 .. _`day 4 and day 5`: http://codespeak.net/pipermail/pypy-dev/2005q3/002234.html
 .. _`day 6`: http://codespeak.net/pipermail/pypy-dev/2005q3/002239.html
-.. _`breakthrough`: http://codespeak.net/~hpk/hildesheim2-sprint-www/hildesheim2-sprint-www-Pages/Image35.html
-.. _`hurray`: http://codespeak.net/~hpk/hildesheim2-sprint-www/hildesheim2-sprint-www-Pages/Image36.html
+.. _`day 7`: http://codespeak.net/pipermail/pypy-dev/2005q3/002245.html
+.. _`breakthrough`: http://codespeak.net/~hpk/hildesheim2-sprint-www/hildesheim2-sprint-www-Thumbnails/36.jpg
+.. _`hurray`: http://codespeak.net/~hpk/hildesheim2-sprint-www/hildesheim2-sprint-www-Pages/Image37.html
 .. _`pictures from the sprint`: http://codespeak.net/~hpk/hildesheim2-sprint-www/ 
 .. _`Trillke-Gut`: http://www.trillke.net/images/HomePagePictureSmall.jpg

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