[pypy-svn] r15617 - pypy/dist/lib-python

pedronis at codespeak.net pedronis at codespeak.net
Thu Aug 4 15:32:08 CEST 2005

Author: pedronis
Date: Thu Aug  4 15:32:07 2005
New Revision: 15617

analysed test_builtin failures

tryed test_new again: still some problems

Modified: pypy/dist/lib-python/failure_list.txt
--- pypy/dist/lib-python/failure_list.txt	(original)
+++ pypy/dist/lib-python/failure_list.txt	Thu Aug  4 15:32:07 2005
@@ -15,9 +15,15 @@
     fails because of "maximum recursion depth exceeded"
     fails because globals and locals are None in a nested function ?
-test_new  (FIXED? by mwh patch to stablecompiler and _stablecompiler)
-    fails because our compiler (and also the 'compiler' package) produce
-    a STORE_NAME instead of a STORE_GLOBAL for the input "global a; a=5"
+test_new FIXED? stil problems with insufficient arg checking
+    - our compilers need to recognize BOM markers
+    - eval etc  should accept dict subclasses
+    - hex/oct should output '-' for negative numbers
+    - unicode("\u0663", 'raw-unicode-escape') does not work properly
+    - disallow interning of string subclasses
+    - __future__ import division problems

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