[pypy-svn] r16395 - pypy/dist/lib-python

arigo at codespeak.net arigo at codespeak.net
Wed Aug 24 16:49:25 CEST 2005

Author: arigo
Date: Wed Aug 24 16:49:24 2005
New Revision: 16395

Removed FIXED tests from failure_list (they are indeed fixed in the test
report page now).

Modified: pypy/dist/lib-python/failure_list.txt
--- pypy/dist/lib-python/failure_list.txt	(original)
+++ pypy/dist/lib-python/failure_list.txt	Wed Aug 24 16:49:24 2005
@@ -20,11 +20,6 @@
 multiple tests fail because from __future__ import division does 
 not work (true division is never enabled)
-test_iterlen (ale will work on this) FIXED  (finally) 
-    fails because len is not implemented for SeqIter (and
-    other structures like generators (reversed) )
     fails because of "maximum recursion depth exceeded"
@@ -32,8 +27,6 @@
     fails because globals and locals are None in a nested function ?
-test_enumerate FIXED by skippiing a test for an implementation detail .
     - our compilers need to recognize BOM markers
     - eval etc  should accept dict subclasses
@@ -54,22 +47,10 @@
 test_tuple etc
    do we want to support x is x*1 where x is exactly a tuple?
-test_new FIXED
    cannot be fixed.  PyPy produces different TypeError messages but they are
    also correct and useful (reviewed them again).
-test_optparse FIXED
-test_sort FIXED
-   different way of detecting mutations during sort: PyPy didn't detect
-   changes done by the __del__ method of the key-wrapper objects.
-test_str FIXED
-   there's some optimisation tests failing => disabled them
   still failing
@@ -79,11 +60,7 @@
-   FIXED? should be re-run.  Were fixed in modified-2.3.4, but then they
-   were somehow lost when we switched to 2.4.1...
-test_sys (FIXED)
-    refcount test disabled (considered implementation detail from CPython)
+   have been re-run, still failing
     needs the gb18030 codec, part of the CJK codecs. either remove this test

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