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A talk for the (internal) Winter Meeting of the Chalmers
Computer Science departement, in Gothenburg.

Abstract only so far.  I plan to submit something very similar to the CCC
paper, if neither conference objects to that.

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+Reference: http://www.cs.chalmers.se/wm/
+DEADLINE: 3rd January 2006 (Tuesday)
+Title: PyPy - the new Python implementation on the block 
+Talker: Armin Rigo
+Abstract (max 150 words):
+    PyPy (http://codespeak.net/pypy/dist/pypy/doc/architecture.html) is
+    an implementation of the Python (http://www.python.org) programming
+    language written in Python itself, flexible and easy to experiment
+    with.  We are targetting a large variety of platforms, small and
+    large, by providing a compiler toolsuite that can produce custom
+    Python versions.  Platform, memory and threading models are aspects
+    of the translation process - as opposed to encoding low level
+    details into the language implementation itself.
+    The talk will give a quick overview of this toolsuite, which is so
+    far a static type inferencer and compiler for RPython, a subset of
+    Python.  I will then talk about the current work on dynamic
+    optimization techniques: implemented as another translation aspect,
+    they should become robust against language changes.  In other words,
+    the toolsuite will be able to turn an interpreter for any language
+    or dialect into a just-in-time compiler - more exactly, a
+    "just-in-time specializer", like Psyco for the Python language
+    (http://psyco.sf.net).

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