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+22C3 "Open Source, EU Funding and Agile Methods" 
+29th of December 2005/Berlin
+Slides Bea:
+Core of Agile practises: the people factor
+- "Agile processes are designed to capitalize on each individual and each team´s unique strenghts" (Cockburn, Highsmith, 2001)
+- OSS nature of teams: self-organized, intensely collaborative - fit the agile approach
+- OSS teams are an unique implementation of agile practices - why?
+Picture: man on the moon
+Agile approaches aim at:
+  * reducing 		"cost of information",distance from decision-making
+  * by 			physical location, unorthodox dissemination
+  * resulting in		improved sense of community, team "morale"
+Origins of sprinting
+- Scrum (Agile community): 1 month long iteration of development work, increments 
+  (also supporting activities: planning, documentation, tracking work, evaluation)
+- Zope Foundation (Python Community): "two-day or three-day focused development session, 
+   in which developers pair off together in a room and focus on building a particular subsystem".    
+PyPy sprints
+- The project "started" during a sprint
+- Changing facilities and location as a strategy (Vilnius, Lovain LeNeuve, Leysin, Gothenburg, 
+   Paris, Heidelberg, Hildesheim, Washington etc)
+- The nature of sprints have evolved since the project started 2003 and since recieving 
+   partial EU-funding 2004/2005
+Bidding for the EU-funding
+- Project needed to reach critical mass, EU needed novel compiler design techniques in OSS contexts
+- Proposal was written during sprints as well as distributed (submitted Oct 2003)
+- Negotiations in Brussels (March 2004): key issues being 30% cuts in budget and  denied procedures for funding contribution
+- Project "started" 1 Dec 2004: troubles with creating consortium agreement fitting the OSS structure needed
+Organising the consortium
+- 7 partners, 3 previously not involved in the PyPy community
+- 2 new companies: "forced" entrepreneurship
+- All partners but one partially funded (50% cost models)
+- Less than 5% of the involved developers was covered by this partial funding
+Organising the work
+- 14 workpackages and 58 deliverables, 3 phases 
+- Need for consortium meetings every month (IRC)
+- Sprints every 6th week (coordinating the development and management work)
+The different cultures of the PyPy project
+- OSS (Python) culture (agile and distributed workstyle)
+- EU project culture
+- Traditional project management culture
+- Chaospilot (actionlearning and process design) culture
+- 3 different national cultures
+The challenge: managing diversities part 1.
+- Formal project organization vs developer driven process
+		- management team, technical board and partners
+		- sprint organising
+- Resulting in: increased risk of added workload of management work on core developers 
+The challenge: managing diversities part 2.
+- Formal EU requirements vs agile strategies
+		- written high level requirements
+		- change control structures complicated
+- Resulting in:increased risk of missing opportunities and not creating/reacting to change fast enough
+The challenge: managing diversities part 3.
+- OSS community vs "conceptual integrity"
+		- pypy-dev/core developers in technical board
+		- industrial usage vs research oriented work
+- Resulting in: increased risk for unbalancing the community
+Picture: chaos vs structure
+- A shared and challenging vision
+- Respecting and "exploiting" strengths of the different cultures involved
+- Designing minimalistic project structures channeling work, not hindering work
+- Room for group learning and creating change - not just reacting to change
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