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Sat Jul 30 12:53:00 CEST 2005

Author: cfbolz
Date: Sat Jul 30 12:52:59 2005
New Revision: 15404

finialized sprint announcement

Modified: pypy/extradoc/sprintinfo/Heidelberg-sprint.txt
--- pypy/extradoc/sprintinfo/Heidelberg-sprint.txt	(original)
+++ pypy/extradoc/sprintinfo/Heidelberg-sprint.txt	Sat Jul 30 12:52:59 2005
@@ -10,11 +10,24 @@
 Goals and topics of the sprint 
-XXX The focus will probably be translation issues,
-possibly including garbage collection and threading (?).
+One of the main goals of the sprint is going to be a 0.7 release of PyPy. The
+0.7 is meant to be the first self-contained PyPy version but still alpha with
+some C-extension modules missing and not meant for production use.
+Therefore the topics of the sprint will be:
+   - translation efforts: it's not completely clear now what related task will
+     be left at that time
+   - work on 2.4.1 compliancy: there are some failing compliancy tests on
+     which we plan to work
+   - rewriting c-extension modules/integrating existing rewrites
+   - all kinds of small release issues
+   - possibly some more LLVM efforts 
 Location & Accomodation  
@@ -28,8 +41,7 @@
 unfortunately rather expensive. It should be no problem to reach the sprint
 venue from anywhere in Heidelberg. As an alternative you could also take a
 `hotel in Mannheim`_ which you can reach in 15 min from Heidelberg with the
-train. If there is enough interest Carl could try to rent a room in a living
-group (WG).
 .. _`See here`: http://www.physi.uni-heidelberg.de/physi/front/anfahrt.en.php
 .. _hotels: http://www.cvb-heidelberg.de/index_eng.html
@@ -49,7 +61,8 @@
 The Heidelberg Altstadt can be reached in approximately 10 min from the sprint
 venue. There you will find all kinds of restaurants and fast food places.
-You need a wireless network card to access the network. 
+You will probably need a wireless network card to access the network although we
+could set up a WLAN to cable bridge if necessary.
 Registration etc.pp. 

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