[pypy-svn] r19398 - pypy/release/0.8.x/pypy/doc

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Wed Nov 2 12:32:51 CET 2005

Author: mwh
Date: Wed Nov  2 12:32:50 2005
New Revision: 19398


Modified: pypy/release/0.8.x/pypy/doc/getting-started.txt
--- pypy/release/0.8.x/pypy/doc/getting-started.txt	(original)
+++ pypy/release/0.8.x/pypy/doc/getting-started.txt	Wed Nov  2 12:32:50 2005
@@ -282,7 +282,7 @@
 run all tests below the current directory. 
 Finally, there are the CPython regression tests which you can 
-run like this (this will take a hours and hours and hours)::
+run like this (this will take hours and hours and hours)::
     cd lib-python/2.4.1/test 
     python ../../../pypy/test_all.py

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