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Wed Oct 12 11:34:09 CEST 2005

Author: cfbolz
Date: Wed Oct 12 11:34:07 2005
New Revision: 18445

      - copied unchanged from r18382, pypy/extradoc/sprintinfo/paris-2005-stackless-discussion.txt
add planning for today. move stackless file to paris dir

Modified: pypy/extradoc/sprintinfo/paris-2005-planning.txt
--- pypy/extradoc/sprintinfo/paris-2005-planning.txt	(original)
+++ pypy/extradoc/sprintinfo/paris-2005-planning.txt	Wed Oct 12 11:34:07 2005
@@ -10,33 +10,40 @@
     ca. 01:00 pm lunch time 
 thursday: breakday  (for some of us: eu-consortium meeting) 
+(during the breakday the big room will be needed for the meeting
+from 1pm, so if somebody wants to work in the afternoon, he has to
+go to one of the small rooms)
-pairing  tuesday
+pairing wednesday
 stackless/cps:   (same group continues, "re-"pairing inside)
     christian, armin 
     Valentino, Amaury 
     Adrien, Anders 
+(see stackless status text soon to be checked in) 
 andrew/michael: powerpc-backend   (getting there, continues)
 bert, samuele, boris, arre, aurelien: different specialization to more HL-backends
 (defined the "ootypes" model, like the "lltypes" but more OO-ish; will start
  to work on the ootyper, as a branch of the rtyper for now; same group continues
- and may split in two subgroups soon -- backend and ootyper.)
+ and has split in two subgroups soon -- annotator and ootyper.)
-llinterpreter:  Carl, Holger
+llinterpreter:  Carl, (Armin later) 
 (starting on the data model of the ll flow graphs, continues)
-next status meeting: wed 10:30
+next status meeting: fri 10:30
 later wednesday: 
 discussing compiler & phase 2 work/tasks for the sprint WP09/WP10 
+on friday:
+   * short presentation from logilab/dfki about logic programming/AOP
+   * (maybe) presentation about GC work during Summer of Code
 peoples present 

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