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another talk proposal about the py lib 
(not 100% sure yet if i submit that)

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+Author Names
+(from) Holger Krekel 
+Contact Information
+holger krekel <hpk at merlinux.de>
+Requested Timeslot
+30 minutes (or 45 minutes. both possible). 
+Summary of proposed presentation
+Title: py library and beyond 
+Already known for its widely used "py.test" testing tool, the
+"py lib" has more to offer.  We are going to explore the
+experimental package "name export mechanism" involving lazy
+imports, a lightweight tag/keyword-based logging scheme, 
+subversion and local Path objects and compatibility modules that 
+make recent Python library modules uniformly available from older 
+Python versions.  We also will glance into the current state of 
+"py.execnet" which explores new interprocess-communication 
+facilities.  All of these features are already used by a growing 
+number of projects.  We will give an overview of what comes next. 
+Presentation Outline
+The py lib is a development support library 
+and evolves from a strictly test-driven process. 
+Apart from its intense usage in the PyPy project 
+a number of other projects have adapted its methods. 
+The current key parts of the py lib we are to present: 
+- py.log: keyword & subscription based lazy logging 
+- py.compat: use newer standard library modules from older
+             python versions
+- py.initpkg: export name/lazy import mechanism ("import py" 
+              is all you ever need to do).
+- py.path.*: path objects unifying access to svn- and
+             local filesystems. 
+- py.execnet: distributing programs across ssh- and process
+              networks. 
+We look at the next challenges for py lib development: 
+- extending py.execnet to use it for peer-to-peer situations
+- extending/refactoring py.path to support in-memory 
+  and other filesystems 
+- integrating twisted testing functionality into py.test 
+- release plan 
+Intended audience
+All python developers (who are interested in lightweight libraries and 
+lean pythonnic APIs in order to support agile development). 

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