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Author: hpk
Date: Sun Oct 30 22:40:43 2005
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small refinements to pylib and pypy-archsession talk 
we should submit the lot some time monday ... 

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 holger krekel <hpk at merlinux.de>
+Armin Rigo <arigo at tunes.org> 
 py-dev at codespeak.net (py lib developers list) 
+http://codespeak.net/py/  (web page)
 Requested Timeslot
@@ -21,7 +23,7 @@
 Already known for the widely used py.test tool, the
 "py lib" has more to offer.  We are going to explore the
-experimental package "name export mechanism" which involves 
+experimental package "name export mechanism" also involving
 lazy imports, a lightweight tag/keyword-based logging scheme, 
 subversion and local Path objects and compatibility modules that 
 make recent Python library modules uniformly available from older 
@@ -29,22 +31,20 @@
 "py.execnet" which explores new interprocess-communication 
 facilities.  All of these features are already used by a growing 
 number of projects.  We will give interactive examples and 
-conclude with an overview of what comes next. 
+conclude with an outlook. 
 Presentation Outline
-The py lib is a development support library 
-and evolves from a strictly test-driven process. 
-Apart from its intense usage in the PyPy project 
-a number of other projects have adapted its methods. 
-We plan to give usage examples for various parts 
-of the py library.  The current key parts of the py lib 
-we will present are:
-- py.log: keyword & subscription based lazy logging 
-- py.compat: use newer standard library modules from older
-             python versions
+The py lib is a development support library and evolves itself
+from a strictly test-driven development process.  Apart from
+its intense usage in the PyPy project a number of other
+projects have adapted its methods.  We plan to give usage
+examples for various parts of the py library.  The current key
+parts of the py lib we will present are:
+- py.log: keyword/subscription based lazy logging 
+- py.compat: provides standard library modules for older python versions
 - py.initpkg: export name/lazy import mechanism ("import py" 
               is all you ever need to do).
 - py.path.*: path objects unifying access to svn- and
@@ -52,11 +52,12 @@
 - py.execnet: ad-hoc distributing programs across ssh- and process
-We'll conclude with the next challenges for py lib development: 
+We'll conclude with some of the next challenges for py lib
 - extending py.execnet to use it for peer-to-peer situations
 - extending/refactoring py.path to support in-memory 
-  and other filesystems 
+  and in general more filesystems 
 - integrating twisted testing functionality into py.test 
 - a release plan 

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@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
 (starting autumn 2005) heading towards building a specializing
 JIT-compiler, stackless features and translation to higher
 level languages into the code base.   In this session we will
-present and interactively discuss with the audience basic
+present and interactively discuss with the audience the basic
 architectural pictures.  We'd are going to emphasize the
 various emerging possibilities for further development part of
 which will be an ongoing effort of the European Union's funded

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