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Author: cfbolz
Date: Fri Sep 30 23:12:12 2005
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 Phone number(s): +49 6221 7183177
+A photo, square format, min. 128x128 pixels (optional): 
 Statement: publishing contact info except for the phone number 
            is fine with me. 
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     Carl Friedrich started to program C++ when he was 16, couldn't stand it
     and turned to Python soon afterwards. He is a PyPy developer since the
-    beginning of 2005.  At the moment he is supposed to study mathematics,
-    computer science and sometimes physics at the University of Heidelberg.
-    Since programming is more fun he is taking a semester off to work for
-    merlinux on PyPy and other projects.
+    beginning of 2005.  He  studies mathematics, computer science and physics 
+    at the University of Heidelberg and works for merlinux on PyPy and other
+    projects.
 Postal address: Carl Friedrich Bolz, Albert-Fritz-Str. 9, 69124 Heidelberg
 Bank information: 

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