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Tue Feb 28 18:57:43 CET 2006

Author: stuart
Date: Tue Feb 28 18:57:43 2006
New Revision: 23767

Some thoughts on getting rid of the stable compiler which is used only in testing.

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+February 28th, 2006
+While implementing conditional expressions from 2.5 we had to change
+the stable compiler in order to keep tests from breaking.  While using
+stable compiler as a baseline made sense when the ast compiler was
+new, it is less and less true as new grammar changes are introduced.
+Options include
+1. Freezing the stable compiler at grammar 2.4.
+2. Capture AST output from the stable compiler and use that explicitly
+in current tests instead of regenerating them every time, primarily
+because it allows us to change the grammar without changing the stable
+In either case, AST production tests for new grammar changes could be
+written manually, which is less effort than fixing the stable
+compiler (which itself isn't really tested anyway).
+Discussion by Arre, Anders L., Stuart Williams

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