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+<title>Palma de Mallorca  PyPy Sprint: 23rd - 29th January 2006</title>
+<div class="document" id="palma-de-mallorca-pypy-sprint-23rd-29th-january-2006">
+<h1 class="title">Palma de Mallorca  PyPy Sprint: 23rd - 29th January 2006</h1>
+<p>The next PyPy sprint is scheduled to take place January 2006 in 
+Palma De Mallorca, Balearic Isles, Spain. We'll give newcomer-friendly
+introductions and the focus will mainly be on current JIT work, garbage
+collection, alternative threading models, logic programming and on
+improving the interface with external functions. To learn more about the
+new Python-in-Python implementation look here:</p>
+<a class="reference" href="http://codespeak.net/pypy">http://codespeak.net/pypy</a></blockquote>
+<div class="section" id="goals-and-topics-of-the-sprint">
+<h1><a name="goals-and-topics-of-the-sprint">Goals and topics of the sprint</a></h1>
+<p>In Gothenburg we have made some first forays into the interesting topics
+of Just-in-Time compilation. In Mallorca we will continue that
+and have the following ideas:</p>
+<ul class="simple">
+<li>Further work/experimentation toward Just-In-Time Compiler generation, 
+which was initiated with the Abstract Interpreter started in Gothenburg.</li>
+<li>Integrating our garbage collection toolkit with the backends and the
+code generation.</li>
+<li>Heading into the direction of adding logic programming to PyPy.</li>
+<li>Optimization work: our threading implementation is still incredibly
+slow, we need to work on that. Furthermore there are still quite
+some slow places in the interpreter that could be improved.</li>
+<li>getting the socket module to a more complete state (it is
+already improved but still far from complete)</li>
+<li>generally improving the way we interface with external functions.</li>
+<li>whatever participants want to do with PyPy (please send 
+suggestions to the mailing list before to allow us to plan 
+and give feedback)</li>
+<div class="section" id="location-accomodation">
+<h1><a name="location-accomodation">Location &amp; Accomodation</a></h1>
+<p>The sprint will be held at the Palma University (UIB - Universitat de
+les Illes Balears), in their GNU/Linux lab
+(<a class="reference" href="http://mnm.uib.es/phpwiki/AulaLinux">http://mnm.uib.es/phpwiki/AulaLinux</a>).  We are hosted by the Computer
+Science department and Ricardo Galli is our contact person there,
+helping with arranging facilities.</p>
+<p>The University is located 7 km away from the central Palma. Busses to
+the University departs from &quot;Plaza de España&quot; (which is a very central
+location in Palma). Take bus 19 to the UIB campus.  A ticket for one
+urban trip costs 1 euro. You can also buy a card that is valid for 10
+trips and costs 7.51 euros.  Information about bus timetables and routes
+can be found on:</p>
+<a class="reference" href="http://www.a-palma.es">http://www.a-palma.es</a></blockquote>
+<p>A map over the UIB campus are can be found on:</p>
+<a class="reference" href="http://www.uib.es/imagenes/planoCampus.html">http://www.uib.es/imagenes/planoCampus.html</a></blockquote>
+<p>The actual address is: 3r pis de l'Anselm Turmeda which can be found on
+the UIB Campus map.</p>
+<p>At &quot;Plaza de España&quot; there is a hostel (Hostal Residencia Terminus)
+which has been recommended to us. It's cheap (ca 50 euros/double room
+with bathroom). Some more links to accomodations (flats, student homes
+and hotels):</p>
+<p><a class="reference" href="http://www.lodging-in-spain.com/hotel/town/Islas_Baleares,Mallorca,Palma_de_Mallorca,1/">http://www.lodging-in-spain.com/hotel/town/Islas_Baleares,Mallorca,Palma_de_Mallorca,1/</a></p>
+<p><a class="reference" href="http://www.uib.es/fuguib/residencia/english/index.html">http://www.uib.es/fuguib/residencia/english/index.html</a></p>
+<p><a class="reference" href="http://www.homelidays.com/EN-Holidays-Rental/110_Search/SearchList.asp?DESTINATION=Palma%20de%20Mallorca&amp;ADR_PAYS=ES&amp;ADR_">http://www.homelidays.com/EN-Holidays-Rental/110_Search/SearchList.asp?DESTINATION=Palma%20de%20Mallorca&amp;ADR_PAYS=ES&amp;ADR_</a>
+<p>If you want to find a given street, you can search here:</p>
+<a class="reference" href="http://www.callejeando.com/Pueblos/pueblo7_1.htm">http://www.callejeando.com/Pueblos/pueblo7_1.htm</a></blockquote>
+<p>To get to Palma De Mallorca almost all low fare airlines and travel
+agencies have cheap tickets to get there. Information about Mallorca and
+Palma (maps, tourist information, local transports, recommended air
+lines, ferries and much more) can be found on:</p>
+<a class="reference" href="http://www.palmademallorca.es/portalPalma/home.jsp">http://www.palmademallorca.es/portalPalma/home.jsp</a></blockquote>
+<p>Comments on the weather: In January it is cold and wet on Mallorca</p>
+<p>Average temperature: 8,4 degrees Celsius
+Lowest temperature: 2 degrees Celsius
+Highest temperature: 14,5 degrees Celsius
+Average humidity rate: 77,6 %</p>
+<p>So more time for coding and less time for sunbathing and beaches ;-)</p>
+<div class="section" id="exact-times">
+<h1><a name="exact-times">Exact times</a></h1>
+<p>The public PyPy sprint is held Monday 23rd - Sunday 29th January 2006.
+Hours will be from 10:00 until people have had enough.  It's a good idea
+to arrive a day before the sprint starts and leave a day later.  In the
+middle of the sprint there usually is a break day and it's usually ok to
+take half-days off if you feel like it.</p>
+<p>For this particular break day, Thursday, we are invited to the studio of
+Ginés Quiñonero, a local artist and painter. Ginés have also been the
+person helping us getting connections to UIB and providing much
+appreciated help regarding accommodation and other logistical
+<p>For those of you interested - here is his website where there also are
+paintings showing his studio:</p>
+<a class="reference" href="http://www.hermetex4.com/damnans/">http://www.hermetex4.com/damnans/</a></blockquote>
+<p>For those interested in playing collectable card games, this will also
+be an opportunity to get aquainted with V:TES which will be demoed by
+Ginés and Beatrice and Sten Düring. For more information on this
+cardgame - see: http://www.white-wolf.com/vtes/index.php.  (The Mallorca
+sprint was organized through contacts within the V:TES community).</p>
+<div class="section" id="network-food-currency">
+<h1><a name="network-food-currency">Network, Food, currency</a></h1>
+<p>Currency is Euro.</p>
+<p>Food is available in the UIB Campus area as well as cheap restaurants in
+<p>You normally need a wireless network card to access the network, but we
+can provide a wireless/ethernet bridge.</p>
+<p>230V AC plugs are used in Mallorca.</p>
+<div class="section" id="registration-etc-pp">
+<h1><a name="registration-etc-pp">Registration etc.pp.</a></h1>
+<p>Please subscribe to the <a class="reference" href="http://codespeak.net/mailman/listinfo/pypy-sprint">PyPy sprint mailing list</a>, introduce yourself
+and post a note that you want to come.  Feel free to ask any questions
+there!  There also is a separate <a class="reference" href="http://codespeak.net/pypy/extradoc/sprintinfo/mallorca-2006/people.html">Mallorca people</a> page tracking who is
+already thought to come.  If you have commit rights on codespeak then
+you can modify yourself a checkout of</p>
+<a class="reference" href="http://codespeak.net/svn/pypy/extradoc/sprintinfo/mallorca-2006/people.txt">http://codespeak.net/svn/pypy/extradoc/sprintinfo/mallorca-2006/people.txt</a></blockquote>

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