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text file for planning of the ireland trip for CM and merlinux  -talks at UCD and workshop with IONA 6-7th Febr

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+Planning Ireland visit (IONA/UCD) 
+Time: 2006-02-06/2006-02-07
+Participants PyPy: 
+- Beatrice Düring/Change Maker
+- Holger Krekel/merlinux
+IONA workshop 2006-02-06
+- contact: Niall Donnelly, manager of engineering operations (Sean Baker)
+- agenda 17th of January, 13:00-17:00
+- participants IONA: good cross of management, senior engineers and 
+  product management people, so maybe a group of 6-8 people.
+		a round table meeting at IONA between IONA/PyPy and
+		in which we explore our different perspectives
+		in sprinting and agile/distributed work
+Information about IONA (agile, distributed, OSS):
+- we are a combination of proprietary and open source projects development. 
+- have 4 development sites - a large number for a company of relatively small size. 
+- Certainly we are very much interested in agile distributed process. 
+- OSS too, because we are new-ish to open source development, open source community processes
+   would be of big interest to us as well.
+- Some of the more formal processes like sprinting (we do 2-week
+   iterations, and some pairing, but not in a formal manner and my guess is
+   we are not likely to change this too much either for now), test-driven
+   (this we do already), and open communnication (do this also), no need to
+   go into these in much detail, we are fairly familiar with all this.
+- It would be worth a small session on EU funding and requirements (saw
+  this on a document you co-wrote from the Web). It is not relevant to us
+  now, but that may only be because we know nothing about it, I think an
+  introduction to this would be worthwhile, we will certainly learn
+  something new.
+- work within Eclipse, currently interally but also soon in a OOS environment. 
+- Internally, IONA is a C++ and JAVA development house, about 50/50 for proprietary products. 
+- OSS, we are so far exclusively Java development (but may in the near future also look at C++ OSS stuff). 
+- An example of an OSS project can be found with Celtix,go to http://forge.objectweb.org/projects/celtix/
+Methodology and agenda IONA workshop:
+UCD talk 2006-02-07
+- contact: Joe Kiniry, School of Computer Science and Informatics
+- agenda: send out 17th of January
+- participants: students
+- idea:  2 talks at UCD, one technical and one methodology talk (ca 3hrs in total)
+Information about UCD:
+I teach three courses concurrently in the second term, all of which focus on software engineering with team-based project development.  A lecture
+about the PyPy methodology (lightweight, sprint-based development, how you identify and track bugs, assign tasks, communicate, etc.) would be of
+interest to many of my students.  We could either organise your giving one talk to many of them at the same time (big event) or a few shorter/smaller
+talks during normal lecture times (these are < 1hr).
+(Do we fit in to your curriculum?)
+In general, yes, as I lecture on the above topics and emphasise that different teams have different practices, having an outside person confirm this
+for the students and give a new point of view would be a Good Thing.

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