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a suggestion for a formal model of handling the soc/sopypy

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+Summer of PyPy - model (draft) 
+As discussed at the PyPy review meeting in January 2006, the
+PyPy project has been looking for more easy ways to enable and
+foster contributions from the open source community.  The
+original model of including individuals as Physical Persons
+has proved to be too heavy.  Instead, we want to establish a 
+structure reminiscent to Googles "Summer of Code": mentoring 
+and funding students contributing to the project.  
+The consortium feels very positive about involving more
+students.  Experiences from 2005 showed that we got good
+contributions from Summer of Code contributors, namely Niklaus
+Haldimann and Carl Friedrich Bolz who are still actively
+involved in the project and have become valuable members.  
+Starting with April 2006 the project has already been participating
+in Google's "Summer of Code" campaign and got three participants 
+who are working on interesting PyPy aspects: higher level backends 
+for the PyPy compiler (.NET and javascript) and writing/porting 
+extension modules (related to our new Workpackage 3 approach), thereby
+also validating the architecture and implementation of PyPy. 
+Additionally we had more good proposals (than the three 
+accepted) which make us believe that going for a more pypy-specific 
+funding and mentoring model will increase benefits for the
+Model description 
+Accepted students shall be able to attend sprints, the PyPy 
+work meetings, in order to contribute and receive mentoring
+most effectively.
+Here is the proposed work flow for the Summer of PyPy model: 
+- Students can send PyPy related proposals to 
+  the Technical Board at any time. 
+  The proposals must include a technical exposé and
+  an anticipated time frame for completion of the work. 
+- The TB accepts proposals and assigns mentor(s) to 
+  the students, thereby also allowing for reimbursements
+  of those students for their sprint/work meeting participance
+  during the project's actual time frame. 
+- The travel reimbursement will be: 
+  - travels: actual costs, proven by bills and tickets. 
+  - per diem rates for accomodation: 80 Euro
+    accomodation per diem will not be granted for overnight 
+    trains, ferries, etc. 
+  - per diem rates for food: 40 Euro
+  sidenote regarding VAT: 
+  Any VAT included in the travel receipts is NOT reimbursed to the students 
+  by HHU because it cannot account for VAT.  Likely this will not be a 
+  huge problem, as only very few travel bills include VAT at all 
+  (national train/bus tickets, mostly)
+- In case the student does not deliver proper results
+  the Mentor informs the Technical Board which can terminate the 
+  student's involvement at any time. 
+- The Technical Board may also grant prolongations and extensions of one 
+  student's work along with further sprint attendance funding
+  in case the student's work proves being worthwhile to be 
+  continued/extended. 
+- Travel reimbursement will be taken from the budget for the use 
+  of Individuals contributing to the project (Until now: Physical partners), 
+  which is allocated to HHU. 
+- HHU will account for the Summer of PyPy funding and 
+  report it in their cost statement.  Merlinux is on HHU's behalf
+  going to take care for communication with the students, collecting 
+  travel bills and calculating per diems for the students and eventually 
+  send HHU lists and vouchers usable for their accounting and for 
+  reimbursing the students expenses.  merlinux is to take care that 
+  the budget is not exceeded overall and will invoice for the overall 
+  administrative work to HHU (should be well covered 
+  within the 20% flat overheads costs). 
+Consortium Decision 
+The consortium agrees on all of the following points: 
+* The technical board can accept a PyPy related work proposal 
+  from any applying student who will then get an assigned dedicated 
+  mentor and reimbursement for sprint attendances under 
+  the following terms: 
+  - travel, full reimbursement based on provided receipts 
+  - accomodation per-diems: 80 Euro per day 
+  - food per-diems: 40 Euros per day. 
+  Both the technical board and HHU have the 
+  right to a-priori reject funding for particular sprint 
+  attendances in order to ensure effective spending of 
+  the budget for the purposes of the project.  
+* allocate 30.000 Euro to HHU for funding the 
+  sprint participances of accepted students. This budget
+  is taken from the previous allocation for "Physical
+  Persons" and should be considered as part of
+  the Work Package 14 (Dissemination). 
+* HHU can account for travels of accepted students 
+  from 1st June 2006 on.  The already accepted proposals from 
+  Antonio Cuni, Lawrence Oluyede, Maciek Fijalkowski and Valentino 
+  Volonghi can already get reimbursements for their sprint 
+  attendances. 

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