[pypy-svn] r29264 - pypy/dist/pypy/doc

mwh at codespeak.net mwh at codespeak.net
Fri Jun 23 18:14:50 CEST 2006

Author: mwh
Date: Fri Jun 23 18:14:49 2006
New Revision: 29264

the stackless features are new. :-)

Modified: pypy/dist/pypy/doc/release-0.9.0.txt
--- pypy/dist/pypy/doc/release-0.9.0.txt	(original)
+++ pypy/dist/pypy/doc/release-0.9.0.txt	Fri Jun 23 18:14:49 2006
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-pypy-0.9.0: improved stackless, new extension compiler
+pypy-0.9.0: stackless, new extension compiler
 The PyPy development team has been busy working and we've now packaged 
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
 The highlights of this fourth release of PyPy are:
-**Improved implementation of the "stackless" features**
+**implementation of "stackless" features**
     We now support the larger part of the interface of the original
     Stackless Python -- see http://www.stackless.com for more.  A
     significant part of this is the pickling and unpickling of a running

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