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a skeleton of a sprint report.

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+Post-PyCon 2006 Sprint Report
+After PyCon this year, we held four days of sprints.  There were lots
+of people new to PyPy and a couple of old friends we hadn't seen for a
+Day 1
+Monday began with a 45 minute introduction/tutorial by Michael (which
+was videoed -- watch for it arriving on codespeak soon-ish) and then a
+planning session, where we divided up into pairs or threes and decided
+what we'd be working on for the rest of the day.
+This plan went out the window fairly quickly though, for a variety of
+Day 2
+The Tuesday began with a status meeting where we talked about what
+we'd acheived the day before and basically decided that most of us
+would carry on with the same things (this proved to be a much more
+accurate plan than the previous day's...).
+Day 3
+By Wednesday, the sprint was thinning out...
+Day 4
+XXX Did enough work get done on Thursday to even bother mentioning it?

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