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Author: nik
Date: Tue Mar 14 22:04:26 2006
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pycon sprint report day 1. corrections welcome ...

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 what we'd be working on for the rest of the day.
 This plan went out the window fairly quickly though, for a variety of
+reasons... (?)
+Armin and three PyPy newcomers -- Mick, Gene and Joshua -- dived into
+the ever popular rctypes. They made annotation work for all ctypes
+types and cleaned up bits and pieces. Along the way, they also started
+implementing a new registry mechanism for external functions, aiming
+at getting rid of the approximately 42 steps required to add a new
+external function.
+The two Canadian newcomers -- Stuart and Martin -- got introduced to
+PyPy by Arre, implementing the new 2.5 builtins any() and all().
+They proceeded with implementing the new with keyword (PEP 308),
+which despite some parser/compiler hairyness apparently went quite
+Anders L. and George took a tour the logic programming facilities in
+PyPy and worked on a Sudoku solver using the computation space. But
+they were slowed down quite a bit by bugs. The code was not checked
+in until after the sprint.
+Richard and Pat -- who was hooked on PyPy at the last PyCon sprint --
+hacked the LLVM backend back into shape (it was broken due to ongoing
+work in the GC area). Various compatibility issues with LLVM versions
+were also tackled. 
+Samuele and Nik picked up the lately neglected ootypesystem and
+ported PBC tests over from lltypesystem, fixing various loose ends
+like __init__ and keyword arguments support.
+Let's not forget the py.lib sub-sprint happening in the same room as
+the PyPy sprint, starring Holger, Jan and Brian. Unfortunately the
+Texas Mystery Disease was making the rounds in the py.lib team, both
+Holger and Brian weren't feeling well, so there was only little
+progress generally improving win32 support of the py.lib.
 Day 2

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