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first draft at "what can pypy do for you" talk

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+What can PyPy do for you?
+Armin Rigo, Eric van Riet Paap, Carl Friedrich Bolz
+Contact Information
+pypy-dev at codespeak.net (developer mailing list)
+arigo at tunes.org
+eric at vanrietpaap.nl
+cfbolz at gmx.de
+Requested Timeslot
+30 minutes (or longer). 
+This talk describes some of the novel features of the PyPy project (a next
+generation Python interpreter) which are made possible by PyPy's flexible
+architecture. The talk focuses mostly on the features and examples about how
+they can be used and less about their implementation. Specifically we will
+discuss and showcase the following:
+ - lazy evaluation with the thunk object space
+ - lightweight threadlets similar to what stackless python provides
+ - Oz-like dataflow variables with the logic object space (XXX do we really want that?)
+ - Writing compatible extension modules for PyPy and CPython with the PyPy
+   extension compiler
+ - The Javascript backend

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