[pypy-svn] r34085 - pypy/extradoc/sprintinfo/ddorf2006b

cfbolz at codespeak.net cfbolz at codespeak.net
Fri Nov 3 10:44:37 CET 2006

Author: cfbolz
Date: Fri Nov  3 10:44:32 2006
New Revision: 34085

(all): planning for today

Modified: pypy/extradoc/sprintinfo/ddorf2006b/planning.txt
--- pypy/extradoc/sprintinfo/ddorf2006b/planning.txt	(original)
+++ pypy/extradoc/sprintinfo/ddorf2006b/planning.txt	Fri Nov  3 10:44:32 2006
@@ -13,17 +13,23 @@
- - javascript interpreter (leonardo, stephan)
+ - javascript interpreter (leonardo, stephan, maciek around)
    addition of numbers, strings (with proper, twisted semantics) works
    integration of the narcissus parser
    nested scopes, variable declarations, functions without parameters
+   function arguments working, windows support, in-progress: argument attribute
- - jvm backend (niko, )
+ - jvm backend
    sharing code between gencli and genjvm
    first tests running!
    number manipulations, field access
+   more tests running! added support for classes, in-progress: constants
  - transparent proxies (maciek, guido, samuele around)
+   lists are working somehow, refactoring in progress
+   dictionaries seem to work somewhat
+   provide a way to implement an object that is of type list, but the behaviour
+   is defined at app-level
  - apigen tool
    changes to instance variables after calls to functions
@@ -31,18 +37,25 @@
  - build tool
    it's now actually building pypy, sending the usession directory back
- - .net integration, fixing pypy.net (anto, carl friedrich)
-   quick hack, but pypy.net is broken :-(
+ - .net integration, fixing pypy.net
+   quick hack, but pypy.net is no longer broken
- - jit code generation (eric, michael)
+ - making streams RPython (anto, carl friedrich)
+   in progress
+ - jit code generation
    lots of documentation about the jit-backend interface, fighting with
    ppc code generation
    some refactorings
    looking at whether it's possible to use the llvm code generation
+   hackish way: produce strings in memory and have llvm parse them
+ - jit ppc code generation (mwh, niko)
- - jit front end (samuele, arre)
+ - jit front end (armin, arre, richard)
    fixed the last known bug, experimentation needed
+   porting portal tests to run with the backends
  - running tests on the translated pypy-cs (related to py.test refactoring?)
@@ -54,6 +67,8 @@
  - trying the jit efforts on a regex engine (richard, armin around)
-   kind of worked
+   kind of worked, some progress
 - fixing pypy on windows, adding some more os functions (christian)
+- general wizardry (samuele)

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