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Wed Nov 29 13:24:00 CET 2006

Author: arigo
Date: Wed Nov 29 13:23:59 2006
New Revision: 35116

   pypy/extradoc/planning/secprototype/abstract.txt   (contents, props changed)
(pedronis, arigo)

A proposed abstract.  Quite vague, but points a bit in the direction
"object space proxy".

Added: pypy/extradoc/planning/secprototype/abstract.txt
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+++ pypy/extradoc/planning/secprototype/abstract.txt	Wed Nov 29 13:23:59 2006
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+Security issues in Python and approaches in PyPy
+Python in its design favors expressivity, full reflection and
+dynamism. In its current incarnation it has no form of encapsulation.
+So far, two ways to approach security issues have been tried: sandboxing
+(generally at the level of the OS process), and some delicate C-level
+proxying together with language restrictions.
+In this talk, we will present PyPy's architecture - a Python interpreter
+written in Python, aiming for flexibility - and discuss how it can
+provide better alternatives to security issues in particular.  It is
+easy in PyPy to add a layer controlling all operations at run-time.  We
+will discuss how this can be used to experiment with approaches like
+attaching security labels to objects and execution frames, forbidding
+access to I/O built-ins to code without enough priviledges, etc.

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