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Mon Feb 26 11:52:35 CET 2007

Author: fijal
Date: Mon Feb 26 11:52:31 2007
New Revision: 39408

Add proposed abstract

Added: pypy/extradoc/talk/rupy2007/abstract.txt
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+++ pypy/extradoc/talk/rupy2007/abstract.txt	Mon Feb 26 11:52:31 2007
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+Title: PyPy, the implementation of Python in Python
+Abstract: We'd like to present the PyPy project, which is both
+very very flexible compiler toolchain, which translates restricted subset
+of python to variety of languages (C, LLVM, CLI, JVM, JavaScript...) and
+implementation of a Python interpreter, with many novel features, including
+Psyco-style specializing JIT, stackless-like coroutines and many others.

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