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+Emptying the malloc zoo
+Around the end-of-the-EU-project time there were two major areas of
+obscurity in the memory management area:
+ 1. The confusing set of operations that the low-level backend are
+    expected to implement.
+ 2. The related, but slightly different, confusion of the various
+    "flavours" of malloc: what's the difference between
+    lltype.malloc(T, flavour='raw') and llmemory.raw_malloc(sizeof(T))?
+At the post-ep2007 sprint, Samuele and Michael attacked the first
+problem a bit: making the Boehm GC transformer only require three
+simple operations of the backend.  This could be extending still
+further by having the gc transformer use rffi to insert calls to the
+relevant Boehm functions^Wmacros, and then the backend wouldn't need
+to know anything about Boehm at all (but... LLVM).
+A potential next step is to work out what we want the "llpython"
+interface to memory management to be.
+There are various use cases:
+**lltype.malloc(T) – T is a fixed-size GC container**
+  This is the default case.  Non-pointers inside the allocated memory
+  will not be zeroed.  The object will be managed by the GC, no
+  deallocation required.
+**lltype.malloc(T, zero=True) – T is a GC container**
+  As above, but all fields will be cleared.
+ - lltype.malloc(U, raw=True) – 

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