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Author: hpk
Date: Tue Mar 27 00:37:04 2007
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my first attempt at fleshing out the 1.0 release announcement,
highlighting the JIT Generator, and providing 
a summary view on what 1.0 achieves and marks. 

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-pypy-1.0.0: XXX ...
+pypy-1.0.0: dynamic language translation framework, multi-target Python implementation
-Welcome to the PyPy 1.0.0 release. This a fundamental milestone for
-our efforts. Although still not mature enough for general use, PyPy
-1.0 materializes for the first time the full extent of our original
+Welcome to the PyPy 1.0 release - a milestone integrating the results
+of 28th months of EU funded research, engeneering and sprinting efforts!
+Our main focus with 1.0 is to prove the feasibility and practicability 
+of our initial technical goals and of our development and management 
+processes, embedded within and made possible by an EU research funding 
+contract and a supportive and contributing community!  
-- A Python definition and interpreter written in Python (a subset
-  thereof)
+Although still not mature enough for general use, PyPy 1.0 materializes 
+for the first time the full extent of our original vision:
-- A translation approach to produce efficient low-level versions
-  of the interpreter
+- A flexible Python interpreter, written in "RPython": 
+  - mostly unaware of threading, memory and lower-level target platform aspects
+  - showcases advanced interpreter features and prototypes 
+  - passes core CPython regression tests, translates to C, LLVM and .NET 
-Both these goals were achieved quite early in project, but finally:
+- An advanced framework to translate such interpreters and programs: 
+  - performs whole type-inference on RPython programs 
+  - weaves threading, memory and target platform aspects
+  - low level (C, LLVM) and high level (CLI, Java, Javascript) backends 
-- the ability to *generate automatically* a Just-In-Time Compiler
-  starting from the interpreter
+- A **Just-In-Time Compiler Generator** able to **automatically**
+  produce "jitted" low-level versions of our Python Interpreter, leading
+  to JIT-typical speedups on algorithmic example code! 
-This is *possibly* our main research achievement, and something never
-done with this generality before. 
+Previous releases and particularly 0.99.0 from February already 
+highlighted features of our Python implementation and the abilities
+of our translation approach but the **new JIT Generator** 
+clearly marks a major research result and gives weight to our vision 
+that one can generate efficient Interpreter implementations, starting 
+from a High Level Language Interpreter description.  
-With PyPy 1.0 the product of JIT generation can be enabled
-for some example functions to produce Psyco-like speed-ups.
+We have prepared several good possibilities to start looking around
+or to get started yourself: 
-XXX link to jit.txt
+* the main entry point for JIT documentation and status: 
-Main entry point for getting-started/download and documentation: 
+  http://codespeak.net/pypy/dist/pypy/doc/jit.html 
-    http://codespeak.net/pypy/dist/pypy/doc/index.html
+* the main documentation and getting-started PyPy entry point: 
-Further below you'll find some notes about PyPy,
-the 1.0.0 highlights and some discussion about the future.
-PyPy 1.0.0 is the last release of our EU funded period.
+  http://codespeak.net/pypy/dist/pypy/doc/index.html
+* our online "play1" demos showcasing various Python
+  interpreters, features (and a new way to program 
+  AJAX applications): 
+  http://play1.pypy.org 
+* our detailed and in-depth Reports about various
+  aspects of the project, closing up on 28 month of
+  research and development: 
+  http://codespeak.net/pypy/extradoc/eu-report/
+In the next months, we are going to discuss and aim for the
+next stages and goals of development - now more than ever depending 
+on your feedback and contributions - and we hope you appreciate 
+pypy-1.0 as an interesting basis for greater things to come, 
+as much as we do ourselves! 
 have fun, 
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 2003.  PyPy would not have gotten as far without the coding,
 feedback and general support from numerous people. 
-Formally, many of the current developers are involved in executing an
+Formally, many of the current developers were involved in executing an
 EU contract with the goal of exploring and researching new approaches
 to Language/Compiler development and software engineering.  This
 contract's duration is about to end this month (March 2007) and we are
 working and preparing the according final review which is scheduled
 for May 2007.
+XXX note about future / caretakers / trusted contributors 
 Key 1.0.0 Features 
-- the JIT
+XXX think more carefully about this section 
-- more opts (CALL_METHOD(+cache), ropes)
+The 0.99 release from last month lists a lot of highlights
+that we are not going to repeat here, please check it out: 
-- clr module for cli integration
+    http://codespeak.net/pypy/dist/pypy/doc/release-0.99.0.html
+We here just list the new achievements newly exposed with 1.0: 
-- minimal readline
+- the Just-In-Time Compiler Generator 
-XXX point to play1
+- more optimizations (CALL_METHOD(+cache), ropes), leading up 
+  to having generated Python versions run benchmarks at 
+  around half of CPython's speed. 
-What about the Future?
+- CLR module for .NET/CLI integration
-XXX ...
+- Aspect Oriented Programming (based on amending the Abstract
+  Syntax Tree) 
 Funding partners and organisations
-PyPy development and activities happen as an open source project and
+PyPy development and activities happens as an open source project and
 with the support of a consortium partially funded by a 28 months
 European Union IST research grant for the period December 2004 up to
 March 2007. The full partners of that consortium are:

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