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Author: niko
Date: Fri Mar 30 17:56:56 2007
New Revision: 41722

add text describing how to translate RPystone with the JVM backend

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 users need the `.NET Framework SDK 2.0`_, while Linux and Mac users
 can use Mono_.
+Translating RPystone to JVM code
+Although the JVM backend has not yet been integrated with the
+interactive translator, you can use it to translate the RPystone
+benchmark with the ``pypy/goal/translate.py`` script.
+To do so, run the following commands:
+    $ cd pypy/translator/goal/
+    $ python translate.py -b jvm targetrpystonedalone.py
+    ... lots of output follows ...
+If all is successful, the resulting files will be stored in the
+``/tmp/usession-*`` directories.  It can be executed as follows:
+    $ java -cp /tmp/usession-<username>/pypy pypy.Main
+    RPystone(41682) time for 10000000 passes = 13.0
+    This machine benchmarks at 769230.7692307692 pystones/second
+To successfully use the JVM, however, you will need to have both a
+`JDK`_ installed (at least version 5), and the `Jasmin assembler`_.
+Furthermore, you need a script on your path called ``jasmin`` which
+runs the Jasmin jar file, something like the following:
+.. _`JDK`: http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/
+.. _`Jasmin assembler`: http://jasmin.sourceforge.net/
+    $ cat `which jasmin`
+    #!/bin/bash
+    java -jar $PATH_TO_JASMIN_JAR "$@"
+As the JVM backend matures, it will naturally be more fully
+integrated into the PyPy toolchain.  
 A slightly larger example

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