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Date: Sun Nov  4 15:48:18 2007
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check in my what is PyPy slides

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+What is PyPy
+PyPy is a tool-chain for constructing dynamic languages.
+Interpreters in a relatively high-level language, without low-level
+details are the easiest, most evolvable and portable way to implement
+such languages.
+What PyPy does is setup enough infrastructure such that speed is regained
+and features requiring low-level manipulations are (re-)added as aspects
+without cluttering the intepreter.
+Targets as different as C and the industry OO VMs (JVM, CLR) are supported.
+What is PyPy
+PyPy is a reaction to the frustrations, resource problems and
+duplicated efforts of how mainstream open-source languages (like
+Python) are implemented now.
+We want the tool-chain itself to be as simple as possible.
+We operate both as an open source with production usage aspirations and
+research project.
+We focus on the whole system.
+Some of what we do is relatively straight-forward, some is challenging
+(generating dynamic compilers!).
 What is PyPy?
@@ -51,6 +87,20 @@
 There has got to be a better way.
+Translation: Going from interpreters to VMs
+In PyPy interpreteres are written in RPython:
+a subset of Python amenable to static analysis.
+RPython itself still has garbage collection support
+and rich built-in types.
+The tool-chain implements good static compilation
+of RPython to multiple targets.
+It has pluggable backends, and implements so called
+translation aspects.
 Translation details

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