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a more elaborate location description

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-The sprint will take place in the apartment of Laura Creighton and Jacob Hallén
-in Gothenburg.
+The sprint will be held in the apartment of Laura Creighton and Jacob Hallén
+which is at Götabergsgatan 22 in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Here is a map_.  This is
+in central Gothenburg.  It is between the tram_ stops of Vasaplatsen and Valand,
+where many lines call.
+.. _tram: http://www.vasttrafik.se
+.. _map: http://gulasidorna.eniro.se/query?stq=0&streetname=G%F6tabergsgatan+22%2C+G%F6teborg&what=map&asearch=1
+Probably cheapest and not too far away is to book accomodation at `SGS
+Veckobostader`_. There are also hotels to suit every price range and desire for
+luxury.  Just ask in the mailing list.
+.. _`SGS Veckobostader`: http://www.sgsveckobostader.com

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