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 pluggable garbage collectors, some of them are moving collectors, this
 means that the strategy of passing direct references inside Python
 objects to an external library is not feasible (unless the GCs
-support pinning, which not the case right now).  The consequence of
+support pinning, which is not the case right now).  The consequence of
 this is that sometimes copying instead of sharing is required, this
 may result in some semantics differences. C objects created with
 _rawffi itself are allocated outside of the GC heap, so they can be
 passed to external functions without worries.
 Porting the implementation to interpreter-level should likely improve
-its speed, Further the current layering and the current _rawffi
+its speed.  Furthermore the current layering and the current _rawffi
 interface require more object allocations and copying than strictly
-necessary, this too could be improved.
+necessary; this too could be improved.
 The implementation was developed and has only been tested on Linux.
@@ -86,14 +86,16 @@
   - callbacks accepting by-value structures
-  - expected semantics when ctypes types are subclassed
+  - slight semantic differences that ctypes makes
+    between its primitive types and user subclasses
+    of its primitive types
 Getting the code and test suites
 A stable revision of PyPy containing the ctypes implementation can be checked out with subversion from: 
-http://codespeak.net/svn/pypy/tag/ctypes-stable XXX make the tag
 The various tests can be run on Linux.
@@ -119,7 +121,7 @@
    $ cd ../.. # back to pypy/
    $ ./translator/goal/pypy-c test_all.py lib/app_test/ctypes_tests
-There should be 255 passed and 36 skipped tests.
+There should be 36 skipped tests and all other tests should pass.
 Running example code

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