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 \subsection{JIT layering}
+%\anto{Mention Reflection.Emit}
 From the implementation point of view, the JIT generator is divided into a
 frontend and several backends.  The goal of the frontend is to generate a JIT
 compiler which works as described in the previous sections.  Internally, the

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 \cite{Blanchet99escapeanalysis}, \cite{Choi99escapeanalysis} our algorithm is
 totally simple-minded, but it is still useful in practise.
-\section{Future work}
+\section{Conclusion and Future Work}
-XXX to be written
+In this paper we presented PyPy's JIT compiler generator, based on partial
+evaluation techniques, which can automatically turn an interpreter into a JIT
+compiler, requiring the language developers to only add few \texttt{hint}s to
+guide the generation process.
+We showed that classical partial evaluation cannot remove all the overhead
+proper of dynamically typed languages, and how the new operation called
+\emph{promotion} solves the problem, by delaying compile-time until the JIT
+knows enough to produce efficient code, and by continuously intermixing
+compile-time and runtime.  Moreover, we showed that our simple but still
+practically useful technique to avoid allocation of intermediate unnecessary
+objects plays well with promotion and helps to produce even better code.
+Finally, we presented the CLI backend for PyPy's JIT compiler generator, whose
+goal is to produce .NET bytecode at runtime.  We showed how it is possible to
+circumvent intrinsic limitations of the virtual machine to implement
+promotion.  As a result, we proved that the idea of \emph{JIT layering} is
+worth of further exploration, as it makes possible for dynamically typed
+languages to be even faster than their statically typed counterpart in some
+As a future work, we want to explore different strategies to make the frontend
+producing less code, maintaining comparable or better performances.  In
+particular, we are working on a way to automatically detect loops in the user
+code, as tracing JITs do \cite{gal_hotpathvm_2006}.  By compilining whole
+loops at once, the backends should be able to produce better code than today.
+At the moment, some bugs and minor missing features prevent the CLI JIT
+backend to handle more complex languages such as Python and Smalltalk.  We are
+confident that once these problems will be fixed, we will get performance
+results comparable to TLC, as the other backends already demonstrate
+\cite{PyPyJIT}.  Moreover, if the current implementation of flexswitches will
+prove to be too slow for some purposes, we want to explore alternative
+implementation strategies, also considering the new features that might be
+integrated into virtual machines.
-high level structure:
-1. We presented PyPy JIT generator 
-2. interpreters can exploit the JIT generator by placing few hints here and
-there to guide the generation of code
-3. generated JITs produce fast code thanks to \textbf{promotion} (our first
-contribution) and automatic unboxing
-4. we presented a way to implement promotion/flexswitches on top of .NET
-5. our second contribution is to show that the idea of JIT layering can work
-well, as for some cases we can get performances even better than C\#

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 \newblock {How to not write Virtual Machines for Dynamic Languages }.
 \newblock In {\em Proceeding of Dyla 2007 (to appear)}, pages~--, 2007.
+Armin Rigo and Samuele Pedroni.
+\newblock {JIT} compiler architecture.
+\newblock Technical Report D08.2, PyPy Consortium, 2007.
+\newblock http://codespeak.net/pypy/dist/pypy/doc/index-report.html.
 Gregory~T. Sullivan.
 \newblock Dynamic partial evaluation.

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@@ -220,3 +220,12 @@
  publisher = {ACM},
  address = {New York, NY, USA},
+ at techreport{PyPyJIT,
+    title = "{JIT} Compiler Architecture",
+    author = {Armin Rigo and Samuele Pedroni},
+    year = "2007",
+    institution = "PyPy Consortium",
+    number = "D08.2",
+    note = "http://codespeak.net/pypy/dist/pypy/doc/index-report.html"

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