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+A bit late sprint announcement, but I've been waiting till I get
+the US visa to make sure that the sprint happens.
+Project: PyPy (http://codespeak.net/pypy)
+Project description: PyPy is a python compiler written in Python. It's also
+a very flexible compiler toolchain which can compile so called RPython
+(restricted Python, a subset of Python without dynamic features) into
+a variety of platforms including C/POSIX, JVM and CLI. PyPy also features
+set of experimental features, like different gcs or different threading
+models, which makes it a good platform to experiment with python language.
+Sprint leader: Maciej Fijalkowski (fijall at gmail.com)
+               XXX holger?
+Attendees: they'll be listed on our page when they submit their info
+           XXX link
+Instructions: Suggestions for contributors would be to come to #pypy
+at irc.freenode.net in order to create a codespeak account. In any case,
+repository and all documentation are available on the website.
+Some instructions: This sprint is newcomer-friendly sprint. We'll present
+PyPy tutorial and code-walk on sunday afternoon. List of task is as usual
+very long and depending on attendees. It's suggested that people would
+come to an IRC and chat a bit to have a clue what is feasible on a sprint
+and what is not. For example, we can work on:
+* JVM backend bindings for Java libraries
+* Extending pypy necessary for software X to run
+* Adding more modules to pypy
+* Sketching ctypes-based software, killing dependency on C modules
+  written using C/CPython API.
+* Optimizing certain parts of pypy for certain micro-benchmarks.
+* XXX whatever...
+Software requirements: That depends on a thing that people would like to
+work on, but in general pygame, libgc and libffi are very very usefull (although
+not needed). PyPy checkout, gcc and such things are a must. For people
+wanting to work on particular backends, aproprietly Java, Mono (or .NET),
+spidermonkey are needed.

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