[pypy-svn] r55434 - pypy/branch/build-external/pypy/module/signal

afa at codespeak.net afa at codespeak.net
Fri May 30 22:30:15 CEST 2008

Author: afa
Date: Fri May 30 22:30:14 2008
New Revision: 55434

Someone, please check:

The "signal" module used to install its hook very early, 
when the MixedModule was instantiated:
it was active during all the translation phase, 
and the pypysig_poll() function was called many times!

Now we activate it only on module startup, that is, (I hope) when the translated pypy-c starts.

This may be the last remaining usage of ctypes during translation.

Modified: pypy/branch/build-external/pypy/module/signal/__init__.py
--- pypy/branch/build-external/pypy/module/signal/__init__.py	(original)
+++ pypy/branch/build-external/pypy/module/signal/__init__.py	Fri May 30 22:30:14 2008
@@ -23,9 +23,7 @@
         super(Module, cls).buildloaders()
     buildloaders = classmethod(buildloaders)
-    def __init__(self, space, *args):
-        "NOT_RPYTHON"
+    def startup(self, space):
         from pypy.module.signal.interp_signal import CheckSignalAction
-        MixedModule.__init__(self, space, *args)
         # add the signal-checking callback as an action on the space

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