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 unrestricted Python code but control all file, IO, CPU and RAM
 resources.  We'll discuss the underlying model and discuss
 shortcomings and future possibilities.  
-outline for review:
-Python in a Sandbox 
+In the 17 years of Python existence there have been numerous 
+approaches to "sandbox" Python, Zope's RestrictedPython 
+and Google AppEngine being popular examples.  PyPy takes 
+a fresh approach and allows to systematically control 
+all access to Files and IO.  This not only allows 
+to prevent a process from accessing system resources 
+but it allows to provide a fully virtualized system environment - 
+for example a Python program cannot easily detect that its
+file objects are in fact provided by another Python process. 
+Not only Files and IO but also RAM and CPU usage are controlable 
+which makes the PyPy approach probably the first to 
+provide a fully sandboxed Python environment without placing
+restrictions on language usage. 
+We'll also discuss discuss some open issues and will take 
+further discussion - probably schedule Open Space time
+to discuss further work. 
+Note that in this talk we will not talk much about 
+architecture and other aspects of the PyPy projects. 
+slide outline for review:
 - Sandboxing movitation 
 - PyPy's sandboxing large picture 

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