[pypy-svn] r59481 - pypy/trunk/lib-python

fijal at codespeak.net fijal at codespeak.net
Tue Oct 28 15:13:32 CET 2008

Author: fijal
Date: Tue Oct 28 15:13:32 2008
New Revision: 59481

this one passes now

Modified: pypy/trunk/lib-python/failure_list.txt
--- pypy/trunk/lib-python/failure_list.txt	(original)
+++ pypy/trunk/lib-python/failure_list.txt	Tue Oct 28 15:13:32 2008
@@ -7,7 +7,6 @@
                                  on pypy-c, so surely there is another problem?
 test_ast                         import _ast
-test_bigmem                  !   one looks like bug, the others like impl details
 test_builtin                     this is our issue383
 test_cProfile                !   we still need to fix module/cProfile to respect builtin calls
 test_capi                        CPython only

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