[pypy-svn] r61611 - pypy/trunk/lib-python

arigo at codespeak.net arigo at codespeak.net
Sat Feb 7 16:47:20 CET 2009

Author: arigo
Date: Sat Feb  7 16:47:17 2009
New Revision: 61611

Update this list.

Modified: pypy/trunk/lib-python/failure_list.txt
--- pypy/trunk/lib-python/failure_list.txt	(original)
+++ pypy/trunk/lib-python/failure_list.txt	Sat Feb  7 16:47:17 2009
@@ -19,7 +19,6 @@
 test_import                      importing from pyc-files-without-py-file disabled by default
 test_iterlen                     somehow implementation detail (missing __length_hint__())
 test_itertools                   same as test_iterlen
-test_logging                 !   exception classes have different repr than the rest in cpython
 test_normalization               test skipped
 test_parser                      missing parser.compilest().  I don't think we care for now
 test_peepholer                   implementation detail (might be useful to look, though)
@@ -30,16 +29,11 @@
 test_pyclbr                  !   this import should find test/pyclbr_input.py
 test_pyexpat                     is that an implementation detail?
 test_repr                        implementation detail
-test_shelve                  !   unknown
-test_signal                  !   missing signal.alarm(), probably easy to add
-test_site                    !   fix me
 test_socketserver                test skipped
 test_sqlite                  !   why no sqlite available?
 test_structmembers               CPython-only
-test_subprocess              !   missing resource.error.  no clue about os.fpathconf().
-test_syntax                      more small hacking here and there in the ast compiler
+test_subprocess                  missing os.fpathconf().
 test_sys                         missing sys._current_frames()
-test_tarfile                 !   timeout?
 test_thread                      the docs say it's ok to raise thread.error here, but maybe we need to have thread.stack_size() implemented anyway (no hurry I'd say)
 test_timeout                     skipped test
 test_trace                       probably all acceptable differences
@@ -50,8 +44,6 @@
 test_urllibnet                   skipped test
 test_wait3                       no os.wait3()
 test_wait4                       no os.wait4()
-test_weakref                     probably missing some gc.collect()
-test_with                        minor hacking in the ast compiler
 test_xmlrpc                      sys.setdefaultencoding missing
 test_zipfile64                   skipped test

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