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 Warsaw (5h by train), Berlin (6h by train), Poznan (2h by train),
 Katowice (3h by train) or Kraków (4h by train).
+Unfortunately, there aren't any hotels in really close area to sprint venue.
+There are a lot of hotels in city centre area and it's like 10-20 mins far away.
+List of possible accomodations:
+* http://www.wroclaw.pl/m6874/p7318.aspx (hotels)
+* http://www.wroclaw.pl/m6875/p7137.aspx (hostels)
+You can simple check the location at http://maps.google.com
+If you have any additional questions or advice, drop a line to Bartosz Skowron.
 Preparation (if you feel it is needed)

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