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+  }
+  {\newcommand{\nb}[2]{}
+   \newcommand{\version}{}
+  }
+\title{Tutorial Proposal: Writing Interpreters for Dynamic Languages Using PyPy
+(and Getting Them Fast)}
+\author{Carl Friedrich Bolz\inst{2} \email{cfbolz at gmx.de} \and Antonio Cuni\inst{1} \email{anto.cuni at gmail.com} \and Armin Rigo\inst{2} \email{arigo at tunes.org}}
+\institute{DISI, University of Genova, Italy 
+Softwaretechnik und Programmiersprachen
+ Heinrich-Heine-Universit\"at D\"usseldorf}
+The easiest way to implement a dynamic language such as JavaScript or Python is
+to write an interpreter for it; however, interpreters are slow. An alternative
+is to write a compiler; writing a compiler that targets a high level virtual
+machine like CLI or JVM is easier than targeting a real CPU, but it still
+require a lot of work, as IronPython, Jython, JRuby demonstrate. Moreover,
+the various platforms have to be targeted independently.
+The PyPy project \cite{RiBo07_223} aims to make the implementation of dynamic
+languages easier by providing a toolchain that allows to translate an
+interpreter to various target platforms, including the JVM, .NET and C/Posix. 
+In addition, we are working on being able to automatically transform the
+interpreter into a specializing JIT-compiler to vastly increase performance.
+The goal is to minimize the effort required to get a fast implementation of a
+dynamic language.
+Outline of the tutorial:
+ - introduction to PyPy
+ - present the small language and its interpreter
+ - show how to compile the interpreter to various platforms
+ - show how to apply JIT-generator

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