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+                                 Loops
+*Loop Tree* = tree of operations.  Its root (i.e. start) corresponds to
+a ``can_enter_jit`` marker, so it is when an application-level loop was
+closed.  Its branches end in a JUMP back, corresponding to closing the
+application-level loop.  The JUMPs themselves may go to the same or to
+another loop tree, but for now we assume that all loop trees connected
+in this way correspond to the same application-level loop.
+We use Perfect Specialization to find out exactly how specialized each
+loop should be.
+In theory, Perfect Specialization of a complete tree means the
+* find how much of the input arguments' structure is needed;
+* find how much structure the output arguments have;
+* do the intersection.
+The input arguments' structure is the most precise structure that works
+for all branches.  It describes how much information, at most, we would
+like to have at the root.
+The output arguments' structure is, similarly, the most precise
+structure that correctly describes the output of all branches.  It
+describes how much information, at most, we can pass to the next
+More precisely, we use the following *specnode* classes to represent
+the level of specialization::
+    .       VirtualSpec(cls, name1=spec1, ...)
+                    |
+         VirtualizableSpec(cls, name1=spec1, ...)
+                    |
+              FixedClassSpec(cls)
+                    |
+                 NotSpec
+For (a simplified) example, ``VirtualizableSpec(PyFrame, x =
+VirtualSpec(W_IntObject, value = NotSpec))`` describes the virtualizable
+frame for a loop in which the only used variable is ``x``, which is a
+virtual ``W_IntObject``.
+The intersection rules are:
+* the intersection of two ``VirtualSpec`` of the same ``cls`` is a
+  further ``VirtualSpec``, and we proceed with the intersection of
+  each field.
+* the intersection of two ``VirtualizableSpec`` of the same ``cls`` is
+  like the previous case, except that some names may be omitted
+  completely from a given ``VirtualizableSpec``; in the case a name is
+  present in only one of the ``VirtualizableSpec``, we just keep it
+  unmodified in the intersection.
+* in other cases, the result is ``FixedClassSpec`` if the two specnodes
+  have the same class, or ``NotSpec`` if any is a ``NotSpec`` or if the
+  two classes differ.

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