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Date: Fri May 22 21:18:45 2009
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start a document explaining simplified approach to virtualizables

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+Simplified virtualizables
+As a first step for speeding up code, we plan to implement simplified version
+of virtualizables. Simplified in a sense that it won't support virtuals stored
+on virtualizables.
+For those unaware:
+* Virtuals are objects which are known not to escape from jit code, hence
+  they're not allocated at all and their fields are stored in registers and or
+  on the stack.
+* Virtualizables are objects that are known to escape (for example the frame
+  object), but they're stored anyway on the stack with a way to access and
+  modify from outside the jit code. So the jit knows where they're and have
+  a way to reconstruct them if necessary.
+The way to implement virtualizables would be as follows:
+* During translation, all field accesses to virtualizables are replace by
+  calls to helpers that read/write fields via the jit.

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