[pypy-svn] r70420 - pypy/extradoc/planning

cfbolz at codespeak.net cfbolz at codespeak.net
Wed Jan 6 14:43:37 CET 2010

Author: cfbolz
Date: Wed Jan  6 14:43:35 2010
New Revision: 70420

those two seem to be done

Modified: pypy/extradoc/planning/jit.txt
--- pypy/extradoc/planning/jit.txt	(original)
+++ pypy/extradoc/planning/jit.txt	Wed Jan  6 14:43:35 2010
@@ -52,16 +52,10 @@
 website and stability that need sorting out too. However, they are beyond the
 scope of this section)
-- merge the virtual-forcing branch (this might need implementing store sinking
-  to make the performance not suck)
 - improve on predictability: don't trace into signals ... but produce just a
   conditional call (or just abort the trace)
 - directly call assembler for residual portal calls
-- we would like probably enabling sys.settrace() to leave the jit instead of
-  just being ignored
 - maybe think again about the recursion limit checking, which slows down calls
   quite a bit
 - since threads are enabled with the JIT, getexecutioncontext cannot be folded

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