[pypy-svn] r71635 - pypy/trunk/pypy/doc

arigo at codespeak.net arigo at codespeak.net
Tue Mar 2 14:46:22 CET 2010

Author: arigo
Date: Tue Mar  2 14:46:20 2010
New Revision: 71635

Update how-to-release.txt.

Modified: pypy/trunk/pypy/doc/how-to-release.txt
--- pypy/trunk/pypy/doc/how-to-release.txt	(original)
+++ pypy/trunk/pypy/doc/how-to-release.txt	Tue Mar  2 14:46:20 2010
@@ -23,14 +23,14 @@
   some of the next updates may be done before or after branching; make
   sure things are ported back to the trunk and to the branch as
-* update dist/pypy/doc/contributor.txt (and possibly dist/LICENSE)
-* update dist/README
-* write release announcement dist/pypy/doc/release-x.y(.z).txt
+* update pypy/doc/contributor.txt (and possibly LICENSE)
+* update README
+* write release announcement pypy/doc/release-x.y(.z).txt
   the release announcement should contain a direct link to the download page
   (which is getting started).
-* update dist/pypy/doc/getting-started.txt links at the top
+* update pypy/doc/getting-started.txt links at the top
   and release number references, make sure it is generally up-to-date
-* use, after the necessary updates, dist/pypy/tool/makerelease.py to
+* use, after the necessary updates, pypy/tool/makerelease.py to
   make the tarballs on codespeak; this generates html doc for the
   tarballs too.  Use::
@@ -44,6 +44,8 @@
   if some stuff is missing. We have some support for running part of
   our nightly tests on tarballs (see
-* write a news item for the release in dist/pypy/doc/news.txt
+* write a news item for the release in pypy/doc/news.txt
+* update http://codespeak.net/svn/pypy/dist and codespeak's
+  precomputed html files
 * send announcements to pypy-dev, pypy-funding, python-list,
   python-announce, python-dev ...

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