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Wed Nov 3 10:29:24 CET 2010

Author: antocuni
Date: Wed Nov  3 10:29:22 2010
New Revision: 78658

   pypy/extradoc/planning/hg-migration/plan.txt   (contents, props changed)
   pypy/extradoc/planning/hg-migration/usermap.txt   (contents, props changed)
mercurial migration plan

Added: pypy/extradoc/planning/hg-migration/plan.txt
--- (empty file)
+++ pypy/extradoc/planning/hg-migration/plan.txt	Wed Nov  3 10:29:22 2010
@@ -0,0 +1,53 @@
+.. -*- mode: rst -*-
+Mercurial migration plan
+- Convert repo from SVN to Mercurial, including all the branches that we can
+  find.  IN-PROGRESS (ronny)
+- Put the repo on bitbucket/google code:
+  https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy-tentative (note that it is a bit outdated)
+- Adapt buildbot to pull from hg instead of svn (DONE):
+    * https://bitbucket.org/pypy/bot2
+    * live version at: http://wyvern.cs.uni-duesseldorf.de:8099/ (which pulls
+      from the ``pypy-tenative`` above)
+- Map codespeak usernames to real name/emails: see usermap.txt:
+    * by default, we map each username to just its real name using the info in
+      /etc/passwd on codespeak: this should not be an issue for the privacy,
+      as the real names are listed in contributor.txt anyway.
+    * If people want to put their emails as well, they are welcome to edit
+      usernames.txt and put it.  I **strongly** suggest everyone to do it, as
+      it is the "standard" way to keep track of authors in the repositories.
+      **NOTE**: it is not possible to add the email *after* the conversion has
+      been completed.
+    * It is important to use the same email address that it is used also for
+      e.g. the bitbucket account, so that it is easier for the system to link
+      the two correctly.
+    * I left "anna", "gintas" e "ignas" out of usermap.txt, because they
+      explicitly chose not to be in the contributor list.  Their hg username
+      will be simply left untouched (i.e., without real name).
+- Email diff: bitbucket has a builtin service to send email diff. It is not
+  perfect because the sender of the email is always
+  ``commits-noreply at bitbucket.org``.  Personally, I prefer the codespeak way
+  to put the author of the commit as the sender, as it simplifies searching in
+  the emails.  I think that to start with, the builtin service is enough, but
+  in the future we might want to write our own hook to send emails in the
+  "codespeak way".
+- I tentatively tried to send the commits of the bot2 repo to
+  pypy-svn at codespeak.net, but they did not arrive.  Probably because the
+  mailing list blocks mails if the author is not subscribed?
+- IRC bot: bitbucket has a builtin hook for CIA.vc; alternatively, we can try
+  to adapt kenaan: who owns it?

Added: pypy/extradoc/planning/hg-migration/usermap.txt
--- (empty file)
+++ pypy/extradoc/planning/hg-migration/usermap.txt	Wed Nov  3 10:29:22 2010
@@ -0,0 +1,106 @@
+# map codespeak usernames to mercurial usernames
+# If you want your email address to be in the "official" PyPy repo, please add
+# it below.
+arigo=Armin Rigo
+fijal=Maciej Fijalkowski
+cfbolz=Carl Friedrich Bolz
+pedronis=Samuele Pedroni
+antocuni=Antonio Cuni <anto.cuni at gmail.com>
+mwh=Michael Hudson
+tismer=Christian Tismer
+hpk=Holger Krekel
+afa=Amaury Forgeot d Arc
+ericvrp=Eric van Riet Paap
+rxe=Richard Emslie
+ac=Anders Chrigstrom
+auc=Aurelien Campeas
+benjamin=Benjamin Peterson
+ale=Anders Lehmann
+nik=Niklaus Haldimann
+sanxiyn=Seo Sanghyeon
+santagada=Leonardo Santagada
+rhymes=Lawrence Oluyede
+xoraxax=Alexander Schremmer
+jlg=Jakub Gustak
+guido=Guido Wesdorp
+niko=Niko Matsakis
+ludal=Ludovic Aubry
+alex=Alex Martelli
+tverwaes=Toon Verwaest
+stephan=Stephan Diehl
+adim=Adrien Di Mascio
+sschwarzer=Stefan Schwarzer
+tomek=Tomek Meka
+pmaupin=Patrick Maupin
+jacob=Jacob Hallen
+lac=Laura Creighton
+bob=Bob Ippolito
+cami=Camillo Bruni
+simonb=Simon Burton
+bgola=Bruno Gola
+afayolle=Alexandre Fayolle
+agaynor=Alex Gaynor
+mgedmin=Marius Gedminas
+getxsick=Bartosz Skowron,,,
+gvanrossum=Guido van Rossum
+dialtone=Valentino Volonghi
+akuhn=Adrian Kuhn
+pdg=Paul deGrandis
+gromit=Gerald Klix
+wanja=Wanja Saatkamp
+iko=Anders Hammarquist
+oscar=Oscar Nierstrasz
+jandem=Jan de Mooij
+goden=Eugene Oden
+exarkun=Jean-Paul Calderone
+lukas=Lukas Renggli
+hakanardo=Hakan Ardo
+guenter=Guenter Jantzen
+dinu=Dinu Gherman
+gbrandl=Georg Brandl
+benyoung=Ben Young
+nico=Nicolas Chauvat
+rocco=Rocco Moretti
+micktwomey=Michael Twomey
+jared.grubb Jared Grubb
+odie=Olivier Dormond
+stuart=Stuart Williams
+jum=Jens-Uwe Mager
+jcreigh=Jason Creighton
+justas=Justas Sadzevicius
+wildchild=Gabriel Lavoie
+micke=Mikael Schnenberg
+briandorsey=Brian Dorsey
+lucian=Lucian Branescu Mihaila
+jriehl=Jonathan David Riehl
+bea=Beatrice During
+elmom=Elmo Mntynen
+ancestor=Andreas Friedge
+dan=Daniel Roberts
+quest=Anders Qvist
+amcintyre=Alan McIntyre
+bert=Bert Freudenberg
+pzieschang=Pieter Zieschang
+esmljaos=Jacob Oscarson
+lutz_p Lutz Paelike
+hruske=Gasper Zejn
+bigdog=Michael Schneider
+laszlo=Artur Lisiecki
+lene=Lene Wagner
+radix=Christopher Armstrong
+jacek=Jacek Generowicz
+busemann=Stephan Busemann
+yusei=Yusei Tahara
+gotcha=Godefroid Chappelle
+atobe=Toby Watson
+aft=Andrew Thompson
+jgilbert=Joshua Gilbert
+asigfrid=Anders Sigfridsson
+david=David Schneider
+mcherm=Michael Chermside
+blais=Martin Blais
+haypo=Victor Stinner

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