[pypy-svn] r79440 - in pypy/branch/gdbm: attic lib_pypy

dstromberg at codespeak.net dstromberg at codespeak.net
Wed Nov 24 00:53:48 CET 2010

Author: dstromberg
Date: Wed Nov 24 00:53:46 2010
New Revision: 79440

      - copied unchanged from r79438, pypy/branch/gdbm/lib_pypy/dbm.py
Moved lib_py/dbm.py to attack/dbm.py, because:
1) Although it works fine when you use it from anydbm
2) If you import it directly, as some will surely do, it seems to be NDBM
3) But it's really a Berkeley DB under the covers, and will appear as such in the filesystem
4) The API isn't really what people will be expecting when importing it directly as a bsddb

anydbm should continue to function, because it'll be able to use gdbm.py - previous checkin.

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